J&D Cow/Heifer/Calf Freestall Loops

A few factors go into choosing the best shape and size loop for your herd. Take into consideration your bedding and how you’ll maintain the under stall area. Some shapes are more convenient when dealing with sand and straw. Also know what the average size cow is that will be using the loops. Calves, heifers and cows have different needs. Breeds vary in size. If you need assistance choosing the perfect loop for your operation, reach out to your local J&D dealer or contact J&D directly.

J&D Cow/Heifer/Calf Freestall Loops Features:

  • Cow Ironside Loops – 23/8″ OD 10 GA.
  • Cow Relax Fit Loops – 23/8″ OD 10 GA.
  • Cow Dog Bone Loops – 23/8″ OD 10 GA.
  • Heifer Ironside Loops – 1.9″ OD 11 GA.
  • Calf/Heifer Ironside Loops – 1.9″ OD 11 GA.

J&D Cow/Heifer/Calf Freestall Loops Applications:


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