J&D Split Rail Suspended Freestall System

The split rail allows the rails to be mounted at any height independently to fit the on-center measurement of your chosen loop. The heavy gauge, corrosion resistant Split Rail System fits all sizes of our Ironside or Relax Fit loops without requiring specialized loop brackets for different loop heights. Each loop is attached to the rails using 2 of our 23/8″ universal loop brackets. The J&D split rail system is one of the most flexible and easy to install freestall systems on the market today at an affordable price.

J&D Split Rail Suspended Freestall System Features:

  • Universal loop brackets fits the top and bottom following 23/8″ loops regardless of loop height
    • Ironside Loops
    • Relax Fit Loops
    • Dog Bone Loops
  • Loops suspend from 3″x 3″ Split Rails that can be mounted to building columns or up-posts
  • Stall system stays high and dry for corrosion resistance and longer life

J&D Split Rail Suspended Freestall System Applications:


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Product Flyer (PDF)