Agro Air Dynamics Cyclone Recirculating Fans

  • Available sizes: 55″, 72″ and 84″
  • Motors available in 1ph or 3ph
  • 6 adjustable deflectors optimize air throw & direction
  • 6 aluminum blades
  • Variable frequency drives available
  • Applications:
    • Free Stall Barns
    • Bedding Packs
    • Holding Area
    • Winter Recirculation
    • Industrial

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The Cyclone fans had been designed initially almost 20 years ago to “break” the barrier where heavy cold air meets the lighter warm air in natural ventilated dairy barns. This problem occurs mainly in countries with freezing outside temperatures. In recent years worldwide studies in numerous dairy farms have proven that Cyclone fans are the best all year long in almost every dairy barn. Especially since it became clear, that only air velocities of 2 – 2.5 m/sec at cow level (approximately 1m above floor) provide the best cooling for your cows. Low airspeeds have proven to be less effective and still may cause heat stress during warm days. Due to the special-shaped deflectors at the air discharge point of each Cyclone fan, the airflow is not only focused on getting the correct air velocity directly towards the individual cow, but also achieving this over a great distance. At the same time, this airflow is not only covering one side of the cow but covers the entire body of each cow while resting in their cubicles.

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