Artex Freestall Loops & Stall Dividers

Designed With Cow Comfort In Mind

Artex stalls are designed to provide the space needed for cows to enter, exit and rest comfortably, while properly indexing them so that stalls are kept clean.

Stall Divider Options

  • Y2K – Holstein Mature Cows
  • J2K – Jerseys & Heifers
  • H2K – Heifers & young stock
  • SY2K – Sand Stalls
  • No-Thru Stalls

Custom Stall Divider Option Also Available!

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Artex freestall loops are designed to ensure your cows have the space they need to enter, exit and rest comfortably, while also ensuring proper indexing which keeps your stalls clean. With high cantilevers that give more space for pin bones, and 360° head movement space, Artex stall dividers maximize cow comfort.

Our loops are designed with a horizontal top that allows for shoulder bar length adjustments, without affecting the height. As well as a sloped top rail to allows cows to turn sooner, reducing the risk of them bumping into one another. The low side lunge gives cows the space needed for grooming, socializing, and resting without compromising indexing.