Agro Air Dynamics Exhaust Fans

  • Available in sizes from 12″ to 84″
  • Direct drive or belt-driven options!
  • Balanced heavy duty aluminum or durable nylon blades
  • Totally enclosed, maintenance free motors
  • Extremely quiet operation on all speeds
  • Variable speed frequency drives included


Agro Air Exhaust fans have proven their quality in farms around the United States over many years. In most farms, exchanging air is a must to keeping cows comfortable. Stale air and fumes must be removed and fresh air introduced. Our exhaust fans allow you to control incoming air and ensure the proper air-exchange for your facility.

The housing of our fans is made with a durable and corrosion-free reinforcement fiber composite. There is then an added thick layer of U.V. protection over the composite surface. An extra layer of resin inside gives a smooth surface for easy maintenance and easy cleaning.

Agro Air Exhaust Fans are designed for maximum efficiency. Blades are made with aluminum alloy for our belt-driven options or durable nylon for out direct drive units. The built-in central beam steel support provides strong vertical support and alignment for maximum performance.

Exhausted fans are available in sizes from 12″ to 84″. Contact us to discuss belt-drive and direct drive options!

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