PATZ Bedding Chopper

MODEL: 9427

Available in portable, stationary with bottom discharge, stationary chopper with blower, and 3-point hitch chopper with blower units. Multiple power options – gas, electric, or PTO. Adjustable, 7-position grate controls length-of-cut of material.

  • Patented unique, one-piece, four-point, reversible Quadra-Shark® blade is designed for chopping and long life
  • Available in portable, stationary with bottom discharge
  • Multiple power options – gas or electric
  • Fire extinguisher comes standard on all units
  • All controls are grouped together for convenient and easy operation
  • Adjustable, 7-position grate controls length-of-cut of material


PATZ Bedding Chopper Features

Chop ingredients:

  • Hay
  • Alfalfa
  • Shelled Corn (with optional screen)
  • Chocolate
  • Emu feed (with optional screen)
  • Straw for bedding
  • Wood Shavings (with optional screen)
  • Pine Straw (with optional screen)
  • Newspaper
  • Recycled plastic bottles
  • Excelsior
  • Poultry mortalities (stationary bottom discharge unit only)
  • Dry compost materials

Standard Features and Options


Multiple rotor blades in a spiral mounting provide fast, efficient cutting. Large 5-inch- (127 mm-) diameter, diecast aluminum spacers reduce wrapping. The 1-1/2-inch- (38 mm-) diameter hex shaft is strong to handle the torque. The rotor speed of 2,850 RPMs cuts at a high-volume rate. There is a double-belt drive to the rotor. Reverse or replace blades quickly and easily. Simply flip up the hinged deck and remove the rotor shaft. The belts can be easily removed from the rotor shaft pulley. Also, there are no knives to unbolt or bolt together.


An adjustable grate is standard equipment for the portable chopper. The grate and rotor are designed for short chopping of straw, hay, bark, plastics, and many more materials. Each 1/4-inch (6 mm) thick grate finger is welded at both ends to the two full-length grate shafts for rigidity.


Patented unique, one-piece, four-point, double-edge rotor blade is designed for chopping and long life. The 3/16-inch (4.7 mm) thick, through-hardened steel blades are beveled and serrated for effective cutting action and provide plenty of strength for tough cutting conditions. No bolts, rivets, or welds on the blade, so snagging or wrapping of material is greatly reduced. Enjoy trouble-free performance from this rotor blade, whether chopping newspaper, hay, straw, or other material.
Quadra-Shark® is a registered trademark of Patz Corporation.


A single-handle, seven-position grate control allows varying length of cut and adjusts material flow rate. Two-bolt flange rotor shaft bearings are mounted outside the chopper frame to minimize contamination and allow easy lubricating and servicing.


The polyethylene deck top eliminates metal-to-metal contact and provides easy tub rotation. Also, the polyethylene deck top along with the polyethylene tub skirt form a tight seal to help prevent leakage of paper and other materials. Grippers hold the bale as the steel tub rotates.


The deck is hinged to tilt away for convenient inspection of the rotor.


All controls are grouped together for convenient and easy operation. Labels indicate clearly what each lever controls and direction to move it.


Class ABC rated fire extinguisher is standard on all 9427 Chopper units.