Artex BioRail Freestall Mounting System

The strongest rail mount system on the market

Perfect for deep-bedded stalls using sand or manure, the BioRail freestall design keeps all steel mounts out of the bedding reducing the risk of corrosion. All components in this system are hot dipped galvanized and can be paired with pre-galvanized or hot dipped galvanized Y2K, SY2K, J2K, or H2K loops.

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The Artex BioRail Freestall is a twin-rail mount system that was designed for versatility, stability, and installation efficiency. Offering a 3-point connection, the BioRail creates a triangle of strength that offers the best resistance to torque.

Ideal for facilities looking to use sand or manure bedding, the BioRail freestall is corrosion resistant and best suited for situations where no or limited concrete is required in the bedding area. This system provides the greatest flexibility for both height and width stall adjustments, and with no on-site welding required anyone can install it.