Ritchie WaterMatic 150 & 300 Waterers

We’ve taken all we’ve learned over the years and put the top value, best performance, easiest operation and maintenance in the WaterMatic Family. The WaterMatic Family features Ritchie’s drop-in cover design, with the ease of finger lift service, and the insulation of the water seal. All surfaces slope to the drains for easy clean out. Drain plugs can be moved to the valve chamber openings for short-term trough shut-off during cleaning, when your pen is empty, during excessively cold nights, or when you don’t want your animals drinking.

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WaterMatic 150

SKU: #18166

The WaterMatic 150 is a double sided trough automatic waterer for horses, cattle or small herds. Ideal for fence line applications, small pens and paddocks. Optional heat required for winter use. Waters between 1-40 horses or beef. Drink height 18″.


Horses: 40
Beef: 40
Sheep: 100

WaterMatic 300

SKU: #18050

The WaterMatic 300 is a double sided trough automatic waterer for larger herds. Use when watering cattle by splitting a fence or stand alone in feedlot or pen. Will handle up to 100 beef/50 dairy. Drink height 26″.


Horses: 125
Beef: 125
Dairy: 60