Phason AutoFlex Connect

  • Tunnel ventilation or cross ventilation, we have the controls you need!
  • Temperature probe zoning and averaging depending on your design
  • Variable controls for all of your VFD’s
  • Controls programmed and back-up with in-house design and tech support
  • Advanced controls for the complete solution
  • Custom controls built to your needs




Your climate management solution

AutoFlex Connect brings flexibility and versatility to your fingertips. AutoFlex controls provide an intuitive touchscreen interface at the control.
Stay connect anywhere, anytime
Not at the control? No problem. AutoFlex Connect is accessible from any web-enabled device. No matter where you are, your AutoFlex Connect controls are always within reach.

  • Manage your environment by controlling:
    • Single-speed fans
    • Variable-speed fans
    • Curtains (timed or feedback)
    • Inlets
    • Heat mats
    • Gas and electric heaters
    • Misters and foggers
  • Automate lighting (daylight, moonlight)
  • Control manure scrapers using timed events
  • Program feeding times using timed events
  • Monitor conditions such as:
    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • Static pressure
    • Rain
    • Wind speed
    • THI

Flexible, versatile, and expandable

AutoFlex Connect controls are modular, meaning you have the flexibility to choose only what you need. Choose from modules for sensor monitoring, or for relay, variable AC, or variable DC control. If your needs change, your AutoFlex can easily change.

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