PATZ 3333 Manure Pump

The Patz Model 3333 Multi-Use Vertical Pump provides high performance for quick transfer of liquid wastes including:

  • Dairy waste water
  • Manure separator liquid residues
  • Hog manure
  • Rain or flood water
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  • The tapered-bore drive pulley mounts to a 1-1/8-inch (29 mm) drive shaft with a greaseable flange bearing at the top of the drive tube. A lip seal below this bearing keeps contaminants out of the drive tube. The drive tube is filled with oil to lubricate the support bearings inside the tube and the bottom bearing.
  • Easy access to oil reservoir. End guessing – inspect oil level conveniently in transparent oil line at top of pump. A large fill hole allows easy access for adding oil to the drive tube. Patz recommends using a non-detergent oil.
  • High-volume delivery. The voluted design of the impeller housing and the curved blades increase pumping efficiency at a rate of around 500 gallons per minute.
  • Lower repair costs with abrasion-resistant steel impeller housing and shredder plate.
  • Protection against bearing contamination. The lower bearing’s oil-bath chamber has four seals to keep contaminants out.
  • Bearing seals can be purged every 8 hours thanks to a grease line from the seal pack to the top of the pump.
  • Clogging prevented and positive input provided. Shear plate located close to the impeller to help prevent clogging and provide positive input.
  • Shear plate has two legs to help support pump off the floor of the pit.
  • Impeller transition area features beefed-up steel for long life.
  • Light weight and high-strength discharge pipe. Our 3-inch (76 mm) diameter Schedule 80 PVC discharge pipe reduces the weight of the pump for easy handling while providing a high-strength, low-wear, low-friction discharge tube. Various lengths available from 3 to 12 feet.
  • All stainless steel hardware below the liquid line for long life and easy servicing.
  • Attaching eye located on top of the pump allows easy insertion and removal of the unit in the pit with a tractor loader, skid-steer loader or winch.
  • A steel plate is included as standard equipment to allow you to precisely position the pump to match your pit depth. Plate can be lagged to a concrete pad or curb.
  • Pump available in various lengths to fit pit depths of 3 to 12 feet (1 to 3.6 m).