Brightside dairy in Greenleaf, WI dairy barn curtain installation.

Brightside Dairy

In July 2023, the Schmidt team embarked on an exciting curtain installation project at Brightside Dairy, eagerly anticipating the rejuvenating touch of spring. This enhancement, part of the Brightside Dairy Feed Pad Extension, not only signifies progress but also adds a fresh aesthetic to the farm located in the heart of Brown County, Wisconsin. The commitment to excellence and the drive for innovation are evident in every step taken at Brightside Dairy, where the future looks as bright as its name suggests.

Brightside Dairy Project Specs

Project Photo Gallery

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Equipment Installed

The recent upgrade at the facility included the installation of 80” Agro Air Dynamics exhaust fans, complemented by a sophisticated Autoflex control panel from Agro Air Dynamics, ensuring optimal air quality and environmental control.