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Cow-Welfare Flex Stall Cow-Welfare Flex Stall

The Cow-Welfare Flex Stall was designed for flexible comfort while providing just enough resistance to ensure proper lying position. The system consists of Lower flexible plastic pipe to guide the cow into the right position when lying down, upper plastic pipe to guide cow going into and out of the stall, and neck rail to stabilize the stall.

Once installed, the cows enter the stall and lie down more quickly. Average lying time increased by 1.5 hours per day and milk production increased by approximately half a gallon per day.

Stalls for Cows and Young Stock Stalls for Cows and Young Stock

Four standard loop styles to choose from. 2-3/8", 10 gauge galvanized tube. Swaged control rail - no connectors. Brisket board options available. Custom stalls are available, call for pricing!

Cow-Welfare Flex Feed Cow-Welfare Flex Feed

The Cow-Welfare Flex Feed is designed to allow cows to eat in a more natural position. The design allows cows to lift their heads while chewing. With this greater freedom of movement no rub marks or lesions form on the back of the neck. The vertical posts have 30 degrees of flex to accommodate the cow's reach. These vertical posts also control boss cows.

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2-D High Neckrail Cubicle 2-D High Neckrail Cubicle

The 2-D line was developed with freedom of movement for the cow in mind. These cubicle divisions provide the cow with maximum comfort. She can stand or lie down without being hindered by rails. However, the cubicle provides enough control so that she can lie straight and not soil the cubicle bed. The 2-D line can be installed with any type of bedding.

2-D Optima Cubicle 2-D Optima Cubicle

This division has a slightly lower front rail that we call the optima bend. The optima bend controls the cow, without limiting her freedom. A brisket board or pipe is an essential part of the 2-D concept.

Traditional Freestall Systems Traditional Freestall Systems

Freestall systems from GEA Farm Technologies feature innovative designs with state-of-the-art mounting systems. The Single Beam Freestall Mounting System features a state-of-the-art, patented mounting design.

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